Fresh Frozen Abalone Steak 4-Pack (4-5 oz. total)

from American Abalone
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as I less-than-deftly slayed my catch…[I appreciated] the six-pack of perfectly formed, frozen and tenderized abalone


This legendary seafood delicacy is shipped as frozen prepared abalone steaks overnight. The abalone meat is removed from the shell, trimmed and tenderized prior to being vacuum packed and frozen fresh to ensure a high-quality product. The steaks simply need to be defrosted, rinsed in water, and they are ready to be cooked. The quality and taste of the frozen and fresh are about the same. The prepared abalone steaks are definitely a good option for the amateur abalone chef! The abalone steaks average about 1 to 1.25 ounces each; we recommend four per entrée serving or fewer as appetizers.

American Abalone raises the highest quality naturally grown California red abalone–an excellent choice for environmentally conscious seafood lovers. Our oceanfront farm within the pristine waters of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary provides an ideal environment for raising abalone. This rural stretch of California coast supplies cool, clean seawater for our land-based operation; we operate seawater pumps that continuously provide fresh seawater to the abalone that are grown inside of seawater tanks. The abalone are fed various types of seaweed and grown in a very natural manner, under the care of marine biologist Tom Ebert.


California red abalone



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Great abalone!
May 05, 2011
By JimCaputo
The abalone was excellent quality, fresh, cleaned, pounded, and ready to cook. The delivery was fast and it arrived well-packaged in an ice cooler.
A memorable meal :)
Jan 25, 2011
By Mrs. Norman Fifer
We have ordered Abalone steaks twice and they have been very good. (not quite like the abs my husband and son used to dive for along the Mendocino Coast in the 70"s)
but they are a good substitute and are available! They come ready to cook and are packed in a styrafoam container and arrive frozen. We will order again :)
Arlayne and Norm Fifer, Penn Valley CA
Nov 22, 2010
By Jane
Absolutely delicious, tender and sweet. It was a huge hit for a friend's birthday dinner and would definitely order it again and again. If you can't get white abalone, red is definitely second best.
Great Abalone
Aug 07, 2010
By Georgia Critz
We were visiting Davenport 2 years ago and ran across a place selling abalone, almost had a wreak stopping, was back again for another visit this past May and picked up more abalone. After we got home decided we needed more for yet another abalone party, contacted American Abalone through their email and bought yet another 5 packages. It was shipped on tuesday and we had it the next day by 10 am. Of course it is delicious and we plan on yet another abalone party and know we will have many more in the years to come. Thank you for having the abalone, it had been 30 years since we had any 2 years ago.
nice but very small and thin
Mar 24, 2010
By AbaloneLover
Nice fresh abalone, but the steaks are very small and thin, unlike those I used to get at restaurants in Newport Beach.
Abalone Steaks
Mar 03, 2010
By lrick2415
I purchased 40 abalone steaks as a very special birthday dinner for two of my grown children. What a delight! They arrived in their own little styro foam cooler, they were packaged very well and they cooked up tender and delicious. So glad their is a resource out there where we can get this delacacy.
American Abalone
Feb 26, 2010
By M. Werner
The abalone was delicious...I followed cooking instructions precisely. Eat slowly and savor...!

As for overnighting the product, no problem. It arrived cold and ready to be prepared. Mine was not frozen, but there was a window of a week for its use. I had some trouble with the website in terms of ordering, but I called the phone number listed and my call was responded to within a few hours by a polite and thorough young man.

I'll only do this on special occasions, but it is nice to know a great abalone dinner is only a phone call away!
American Abalone spawns, grows and sells the highest quality naturally grown California red abalone – an excellent choice for environmentally conscious seafood lovers. Our farm is within the pristine waters of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, where we have been raising abalone for over a decade.
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